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Welcome to Dragonfoot Kickboxing & Pro-Am Boxing Academy

From Absolute Beginner to Advanced Pro everyone is welcome at Team Dragonfoot.

Dragonfoot Martial Arts Academy was founded by WKA World Champion Jon "Dragonfoot" Green 6th Dan in 1999.

Life skills are learnt through Martial Arts for children aged from 5yrs old upwards.

All Children's Classes are fun packed which are embedded with Fitness and Martial Arts training. Watch your child's confidence grow as well as their focus, fitness, co-ordination, balance to name but a few of the benefits Martial Arts & Boxing offers.

Kickboxing has proven over the years to be one the most popular and best activities for people wanting to get fitter & stronger whilst learning self defence skills and building confidence along with reaching their personal goals.

With over 25yrs experience at Dragonfoot Martial Arts Centre we provide a safe and friendly environment to train and learn new skills for everyone.

Whatever your age & ability level or if you a new to martial arts altogether. Our experienced team of instructors will guide and support you every step of the way.

If you want to keep fit, work your way to becoming a Black Belt or fulfil a career through combat sports. We will train you to the highest of standards with Internationally recognised Grades and Title opportunities.

Alternatively if Grading and Competing are not what your looking for. You are welcome to train with us for your own enjoyment and to improve your fitness levels with no obligation to take part in sparring or any other level of 1-1 contact training.

All our instructors are CRB/DBS checked and fully insured, we are also affiliated to the World Kickboxing Association (WKA)

For your FREE 1 week trial with no obligation.

Please feel free to contact Jon to book your free Trial or to answer any questions you may have on:

Tel: 07779 784760


We look forwards to working with you.

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FREE Trial Offer

Take advantage of our 1 Week FREE trial offer, with zero obligation or contracts required. To book your FREE trial session with no obligation, please feel free to contact Jon on: Tel:07779 784760

How to spot the “Con Artists” and how to avoid being ripped off!

Simply follow these steps:
1, When contacting a centre who are advertising anything FREE simply ask what the catch is. At Dragonfoot our FREE trial is just that FREE.
However some clubs will only offer this free if you sign up for a number of months and demand £££’s to do so. This is a pressure sale and best to avoid.
2, Ask if there are joining fees? There is no requirement for any joining fees or contracts this is a con straight away.
3, Credentials you should always ask for what experience the Instructor has and who they are affiliated to. Be aware many will lie about being a Champion and indeed if even qualified at all to even be a Martial Arts instructor.
4, Kickboxing sounds cooler than Karate or Taekwondo. So ask what their Kickboxing experience is if they have ever fought in a ring if they say they have never fought ask why not? Would you want someone to teach you how to drive who has never been in a car???
5, Fees? Some clubs offer pay as you go or monthly but some demand monthly only!. Always be wary of anyone who is trying to get you to commit to direct debits.

Always look for value and don’t be afraid to ask questions. There are many clubs to choose from out there which offer various styles of Martial Arts. Follow these easy steps and they will help you to avoid being conned, ripped off or both.

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